I received my business finance degree thanks to Educate USA/All Pro and now working and living in the USA!

​-Chris Hennessey, Manchester

The link with Educate USA has been a tremendous boost to our international links and has significantly increased the international opportunities for our students. The presentation was an excellent insight into the broad range of opportunities in terms of courses, type of campus, size of university and the level of financial support available. The students have been inspired and our numbers considering USA as a serious option have grown. A highly recommended link

-Marg Bowden, Assistant Head at West Somerset Community College, Minehead

A fantastic presentation that inspired pupils, engaged discussion and opened up possibilities for pupils that they would have otherwise not considered. The presentation was professional, appropriate and well targeted at my pupils. A big thank you for opening horizons for our children.

-Paul Norton Principal of Kings Monkton School, Cardiff Wales

I’ve never been to America so it was an exciting but nervous adventure!Thankfully AllPro/Educate USA were there to help me settle!I love the life style and opportunities!

-Beatriz Fernandes from Portugal

All Pro/Educate USA Deliver the very best programs, they go above and beyond caring for students.  I highly recommend their organization.

​-Billy Hughes MBE Manchester City FC Academy

Leaving the football club was heart breaking but this new opportunity at Clemson University is amazing! Thank you All Pro/Educate USA and thank you for staying in touch, it means a lot to my family.

-Paul Clowes, Manchester City FC

I’m now a psychologist working in Boston, living the dream! Thanks All Pro!

-Megan Willette, Manchester

I don’t believe I would of attended university in England. The adventure of traveling toAmerica became a reality and now I’m working as a school teacher. My American degree sets me apart from other job hunters and acts as an excellent discussion point with prospective employers!

-Luke Cuthbert, Essex

I truly didn’t have a direction I wanted to go in regarding employment or further education. In fact university was the last thing on my mind until AllPro/Educate USA stepped in! I now have my Bachelors and Master’s degree and a fantastic job, not to mention a swimming pool!

-Chris Walker BA, MAT University of North Alabama from Cheshire, UK

The coaching and care at All Pro took my game to the next level.I’m now playing in the USA National team and entering into college at the highest D1 division.There are so many steps to university and All Pro gave me the road map to succeed!

-Abby Pyne Duke University and the American National team U18

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