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Come take three small steps to commence your journey to study in the USA.
Educate USA offers three stages to make the process of locating the ideal university/college for you!
The cost is minimal for this life changing opportunity and we can even breakdown your payments into three installments or pay for complete package. The choice is yours!

Gary Walker
Founder Educate USA & All Pro Soccer and Sports LLC

Educate USA Fact Finding Call


Happy with your free call? Then see below the next steps!

A one hour consultancy via the communication tool of your choice.  
Telephone conference, Skype video call or FaceTime.
This call enables Educate USA to learn more about you the student!
Questions such as, “What do I want to study?” Where do I want to study?” “Large or small university?, What should I spend on my education?”
As soon as we receive this information and much more, we commence building your personal profile and proceed the search for the perfect university/college for you!
Cost 150 GBP

College Selection.

Once stage one is complete, Educate USA moves into high gear building your profile wish list! We shall deliver a personal selection of 10 Universities and Colleges that suit your academic and social life style! A further meeting will be held to narrow down your choice to a top three!
Once you reach, “Top 3 countdown” the final choice is yours and then time to commence the dream of a lifetime!
Cost 1,000 GBP

Hand in Hand Application Process

Once you have made your selection, Educate USA will guide you through your application. Each step that has to be covered from visas, admissions, grants, scholarships, selection of classes, SAT’s, High School transcripts, materials required by the college.  Everything you need to know even including what to pack and what to expect living State side!
​Cost 150 GBP

Educate USA all three steps payment selection

Cost 1,300 GBP