International Service Offerings

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Contact us today and learn how we will come to your school or location of choice to deliver an hour to 2 hour workshop on how students from USA or worldwide can study at an American college.
​Workshop includes;

1. How to Identify the American university that best suits you.
2. Academic requirements for your chosen university.
3. Academic steps to take in regards SAT’s and ACT’s.
4. High School transcript requirements.
5. Location and size of universities, what best fits your lifestyle.
6. Financial information to attend university, you will be surprised that an American education can be cheaper!
7. Grants that as a student you can apply for to help with costs associated with attending university.
8. Work opportunities during and after you graduate.
9. Your chosen degree and what it entails.
​10. Opportunities after you graduate, maybe take your masters?

Personal One on One Services

If America is where you would like to live and study. If you want to use your competitive sport to gain a scholarship to study and grow your athletic ability. We can help!  We can work with you one on one to make your dream a reality.  If you answered yes to any of the above contact us today to learn how!
What are you waiting for? It is just one click away!
3 Day Clinic for our Sporting Athletes for Sport Scholarships and Placements
Use your athletic talents to gain scholarship monies from universities throughout the USA! We offer a three day clinic for students who play a competitive sport, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, athletics, tennis, golf, basketball to name but a few! Your dream is just a kick, swing, catch away!    ​Manchester City FC  use our services for their released youth players.

US College Tours

Once you have made the decision that America is where you wish to make your dreams a reality. Join us on our USA college tour. During the tour you will have the opportunity to visit different styles of colleges, experience college life, meet with students and academic personnel and experience a little of American Culture and life style.  For more information please visit our website and view our current college tours.

All pro florida universities tour.pdf
All pro boston & maine universities tour.pdf

Home Away from Home Service

We understand how scary it is to let go of your loved one when they go to college, therefore we make it our job to be here for them! We offer our home away from home service to offer guidance, support, knowledge and local contact for your children.  We also monitor their grades and make sure they are achieving their goals to maintain their academic and or sport scholarships